Sono Morto o Mi Sto Nascondendo

Installation view of Pelle d’Oca at The Address Gallery, Brescia (IT)

Reading the evolutionary history, one realizes that clothing is born as much as a necessity as well as as identification. The human who wears wolf fur is certainly an animal that has lost its fur and is looking for it elsewhere. The human who dresses in soil is either dead or hiding. Since nothing covers like soil, nothing is less individual than soil, clay, mud. Camouflaging, hiding until the individual is friable like the earth, so bare that it becomes earth. We will not return to dust, but muddy and humid earth, then dry and wrinkled, flat with trampling. If it is in the faded memory of animality that the human who dresses the wolf will live and die as a wolf, despite being something else, the bare individual, covered in clay, is nothing but landscape. An indistinct in which to look for and engrave signs and traces that follow crests and cracks, hollows and embankments.

materials: iron, spray paint, soil

©Edoardo Caimi 2021